Coaching for expatriation and life changes

Reveal yourself!

If you are tired of going round and round in circles and you want to live your life to the fullest, welcome, you are in the right place!

I am Cristina Pop, Coach for Expatriation and Life Changes and I know what it feels like when you are out of balance, you feel empty, unhappy in your job, overwhelmed by a new culture, "lost in translation"... I have been there, too. So I have combined my own experience with the best coaching techniques I have learned around the world in order to support Expats, their Spouses and multicultural Teenagers to live a happy life abroad and to shape successful careers.

I am passionate about what I do. I love to work with my clients and the gleam in their eyes when they achieve their goals. I also love to experience different cultures and countries, to garden and to do yoga, and my passions inspire my work.

I believe in you!

cristina pop

cristina pop

I believe that you were born with a gift and when this gift is not expressed, it's lost to the world. I believe that you deserve to live a fulfilled life, to feel confident and supported when launching a new project or moving to a new country. I believe that you are entitled to wake up in the morning and feel happy about your day whether that involves going to work or spending time with your children or whatever else you choose to do.

What would it be like to have someone by your side who supports you in your projects?  

This is what my clients say:



"I was really lucky to have Cristina as a personal and leadership coach. From the first moment I met her, it was clear for me that she is a great listener, very wise and at the same time a very creative person. It turned out that she is highly professional and talented coach. It was a real pleasure to work with Cristina, exploring exciting ways that led to a better understanding of my personal values, a great purpose and life objectives; the ways of developing my leadership potential. Thank you very much, Cristina!"



"The fog lifted! Through her active listening without any intrusion, Cristina brought to surface the qualities that I now rely on in order to move towards my goal."


"I had such low self-confidence at the beginning. But with your attitude and your presence you made me realize that everything was possible. And only by having somebody believing in me, believing that I can do it, I went over obstacles. I was astonished about how I felt afterwards. You pushed the right buttons :)"

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