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If you are tired of going round and round in circles and you want to live your life to the fullest, welcome, you are in the right place!

I am Cristina Pop, Coach for Expatriation and Life Changes and I know what it feels like when you are out of balance, you feel empty, unhappy in your job, overwhelmed by a new culture, "lost in translation"... I have been there, too. So I have combined my own experience with the best coaching techniques I have learned around the world in order to support Expats, their Spouses and multicultural Teenagers to live a happy life abroad and to shape successful careers.

I am passionate about what I do. I love to work with my clients and the gleam in their eyes when they achieve their goals. I also love to experience different cultures and countries, to garden and to do yoga, and my passions inspire my work.

Exploring a new country with our 6 senses

"This moment is all there is" - RUMI

When moving to a new country we can’t go on automatic pilot and do things the way we have done them before. We just can’t.  Because nothing is the same anymore.

And this is when all the senses open up. .

By letting us explore our new country through our senses we become more mindful and anchored in the present moment. We also truly "live in" our bodies. 

I tended to do the opposite thing in China: forget about the senses, forget about my body, probably because I felt threatened by the pollution of the  food, the air and the water. Nevertheless I gave it a try.

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Expat Questions: "What do I really need to take with me?"

If you are an expatriate or you have moved abroad you might relate to this: staring at an empty suitcase and asking yourself; « what do I really need? » Because sometimes there is a delay between the moment you leave the country and the moment when your things are relocated to the new destination.

We think we need so many things in order to live a happy life: fashionable clothes, nice furniture, many shoes, a lot of cosmetics… But actually, what do we really need?

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